New music from, “BigMotorGasoline”, is out

In time for summer BMG is ready to rock your summer with three new songs. BMG has been playing on Rock93X for over a year and now you can hear their new music played in rotation on

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Early reviews from radio

“Thanks for sharing your great music. I only play the best!”

……………The Brett Anthony Rock Show – Chicago, Illinois/USA

“Love that new album. Great southern rock and metal style.”

……………Manamal Streaming Radio – Virginia/USA

“I really enjoy the new album, good old rock and roll..”

……………Kat’s Metal Litter Box, Ontario/Canada

“Thank you so much! For sure you will be on the air with this great music!!”

……………Radio TFSC/Germany

Three new songs from BigMotorGasoline “Who I Am” “Death of Me” and “Whiskey Weed” “Who I Am” is the leadoff single in this tri-pack of music goodness, coming across as a gritty southern influenced rock about standing your ground, being strong and true to yourself. “Death of Me” is more about that lover left behind, watching from the sidelines, while life takes a different turn placing you down on your luck. “Whiskey Weed” showcases some more southern rock flavor in a kick back, fun lovin’, cuttin’ it loose with your latest lady type of a song.

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